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Neil Young And Crazy Horse Are In The House

~Rust Never Sleeps~

And Neil Young and Crazy Horse are releasing a new album! I got psyched after listening to a Neil Young interview on NPR yesterday afternoon because these guys are the epitome of rock.

In the interview I learned that Young had to avoid taking LSD at the advice of his doctor back in the 60’s because of suffering from epileptic seizures, but had hallucinations happen in ordinary life – not something I would have thought after seeing him live in concert with Crazy Horse back in the 90’s. In addition to discussing his open eye hallucinations and his new album, he talked about his new book titled Waging Heavy Peace.

I’m happy to hear that he’s releasing a new album because they always get it right and Young’s music encompasses so many phases of my life – Old Man, Harvest Moon, Why Do I Keep F*ckin’ Up (so many others too long to list) and now Pyschedelic Pill.

If you haven’t heard any of his new tunes, be sure to check out his new video “Walk Like A Giant” Just posted on YouTube. Psychedelic Pill is set for an October 30, 2012 so the countdown is on!


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