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Managed WordPress Hosting Makes Blogging Easier

Managed WordPress hosting represents a next step for people who are successful with their WordPress blogs. Many folks start off with a free website. Once they find out they enjoy blogging they decide to upgrade.

Managed WordPress Hosting - Safety First!

Managed WordPress Hosting – Safety First!

At that point you might choose a self-hosted WordPress platform. Unmanaged hosting is popular with newer bloggers because it costs less. This works for awhile. Once you’ve had your WordPress installation running for a period of time, a few common things happen.

As posts and traffic go up you start noticing performance problems. You start to experience high load times and security issues. As these issues persist, you’re told by your hosting provider that they you’re ‘on your own.’

If your WordPress site is making money, you’ll want to step up to managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is worth the money because it assures your blog runs fast and is reliable. You don’t want to let down your visitors, do you?

What Benefits Does A Managed WordPress Host  Provide?

Managed WordPress hosts secure your installation, make backups, and keep on top of upgrades. These areas are where unmanaged hosts fall behind.

Since no one is monitoring your installation on an unmanaged host, expect the performance of your site to degrade over time. Hack attacks are one of the worst case scenarios.

When a hacker defaces your WordPress site they generally add code that redirects to a ‘phishing site.’ This causes grave harm to your website reputation. Once this happens the only solution is extensive cleanup. If you don’t know how to do it your site will be defaced and unsecure until you hire someone to do it for you.

This should never happen with a managed host. You’re never ‘on your own’ with a managed WordPress hosting solution. If you suffer ill effects with your site, someone is there to help. If you’re making money with your WordPress site, a managed WordPress hosting account is definitely worth your investment.


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