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Ohio Tourist Attractions In Northwestern Ohio

If you’re looking for a place to spend a little time and recreate, chances are the nothwestern corridor of  Ohio probably wasn’t the first place that came to mind. What you might not have known is that Northwest Ohio is chock full of famous (and not so famous) places that draw tourists every year. Here are some Northwest Ohio tourist attractions that you should consider:

Rutherford B. Hayes Home

Rutherford B. Hayes Home

  • South Bass Island –  More commonly known as “Put In Bay” is a popular tourist destination. The island is well known because of its ‘party like’ atmosphere, but can also be a good place for families to visit because of it’s history. Put In Bay is home to Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, which commemorates the 1812 Battle of Lake Erie and peace between Britain, Canada and the United States that followed the war. Other family attractions include caverns that offer tours. Put In Bay is home to vineyards and wineries that attract people from far and wide and during the busier summer months you can always find special events taking place.
  • Cedar Point – Cedar Point, sometimes referred to as “The Rollercoast” is a popular amusement park that opens in mid May and remains open for the summer. In addition to the park that features 15 rollercoasters, you’ll also find Soak City, their accompanying outdoor water park, Challenge Park which features mini-golf and go carts. Cedar Point celebrates Halloween by decorating the park for the holiday and opening on weekends through the month of October, calling them “Halloweekends.” Cedar Point is located in Sadusky, Ohio.
  • Speigel Grove – While you won’t find rollercoasters or wineries, Speigel Grove is a great place for anyone interested history or is looking for somewhere to take a leisurely walk. Located in Fremont, Ohio, Speigel Grove is the former home of Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th United States President. Visitors can tour his home or the first Presidential library located on the premise. The library is a great resource for historians and genealogists because they have access to birth, marriage and death records going back to the 1800’s and  over 70,000 volumes plus newspapers and journals from the time of the Civil War to the eve of World War I. Speigel Grove is home to several events including Civil War Re-Enactments, Easter Egg Hunts and carriage rides during the holiday season.
  • Seneca Caverns – Seneca Caverns, known as “The Caviest Cave In The USA” or “The Crack In The Earth” is located in Bellevue, Ohio. This seasonal attraction opens in April and closes in October with daily tours available.

This short list is only a sampling of the places you’ll find to enjoy in the great state of Ohio. Please visit again on my series of  Ohio tourist attractions in Northeast Ohio, Central Ohio and Southern Ohio. I’m certain you’ll find something fun for everyone!


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