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Today is a gorgeous day. It’s a bit cold at 27 degrees and windy, but the skies are clear and the sun is shining. It’s always days like today that end up being a good day to start a health kick.

When you see the sun melting away the snow and the ice despite the frigid temperatures, it assures you that anything in this life is possible and somehow the coldest days are the clearest ones. And a health kick now will make me a happier person when the warmer – and longer – days of spring finally  arrive.

It’s Time To Get Ready For Poolside!

Get Ready For Pool Season!

Get Ready For Pool Season!

So, in my pursuit to find a good plan to follow to be ready for pool season, I researched a number of possible programs to follow.

Here’s what they are – in no  particular order.

Total Wellness Cleanse – This program looks interesting to me because it’s an all  encompassing plan that covers every aspect of your diet. It offers a number of different recipes and meal  plans for every day of the week. It claims that it can help evaporate fat and expel life threatening toxins that work against your immune system. Further, it’s a holistic approach to health and wellness and you can even speak with a professional if you need any help or have questions. How great is that?

Forever Body Transformation –  or FBT – is another possibility. This weight loss program is another one where the creators work closely with you to help you achieve weight loss and fitness goals. This online program provides everything needed to make sure you’re eating the correct foods and offers hours of video, with exercises that can be done at home – without having to buy a lot of expensive or large pieces of workout equipment.

Fat Loss Factor – Fat Loss Factor seems to be a serious program for serious weight loss. Pounds, inches and pant sizes be gone! The creator of this particular program has ‘secrets’ that can help anyone lose weight without giving up their beloved foods or working out for 12 hours a day. That definitely sounds like a plan I can stick to!

Anyway, I’m planning on making a decision on a weight loss plan I should be following and getting on it ASAP. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on which plan I decide on!

Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by! Stay warm and smile because the sun is out!


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