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Today Isn’t A Good Day To Be An Outdoor Cat

Being an outdoor cat today would really stink. Things indoors are bad enough when it’s 7 degrees outside. I can only imagine how horrible it would be to be a cat trying not to LITERALLY freeze to death in these conditions.

The cold is enough to chill you to your bones and you can’t just shake it off, no matter how hard you might try.

Heck, I’m wearing three shirts – 2 of them sweatshirts – and have a pretty nice space heater pointed in my direction but it doesn’t feel like it’s even making a dent in warding off the cold. I don’t know how a 10 pound cat, even with a luxurious fur coat is doing well in these outdoor conditions. I can only hope that some of my friends and neighbors were kind enough to buy an insulated outdoor cat house to give these furry creatures somewhere safe and warm to seek refuge from the cold.

It’s always good to remember that if you’re cold, so are the animals! If you have outdoor pets please consider bringing them inside and provide them with a spare blanket so they have somewhere warm to rest. Also make sure that they have plenty of fresh food and (unfrozen) water to drink. If you aren’t comfortable allowing them into your home, at least let them hang out in your garage, where they’ll have some shelter from the frigid winds of January!

If you’ve already done this, thank you for being thoughtful and taking care of your pets.

On a day like today, they’re sure to appreciate your efforts!

Stay warm and be well all!


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