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Stealth Triggers Speak Directly To Women’s Emotional Brains

My brother has always struggled with his relationships with women.

Over the years he’s turned to me a few times when he’s had girl problems. He’s good looking, has a good job and he’s pretty responsible most of the time.

But one of his shortcomings is that he’s prone to being sarcastic and a lot of times his sarcasm is taken as him not caring.

I’ve tried telling him over and over that if he would drop his sarcasm and appeal to the Stealth Triggers Speak To Women’s Emotional Brains he would do a lot better with girls in general. (To learn more about this amazing trigger, please click here.) Well, unless he was hoping to attract another sarcastic woman into his life to give him back some of what he’s been dishing out.

So far, he’s never mentioned finding a woman like this, but he is a fan of Kathy Griffith – which makes sense. 🙂

Anyway, I’m hoping that he’ll figure things out for himself someday. I would love to have a sister-in-law and a niece or nephew soon!


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